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When were we founded?

We were founded in 2007.

Where are we located?

The Mortgage Division of Goldwater Bank, N.A. is headquartered in Arizona. We also have several branch offices throughout the country, and we are a national lender.

How are we licensed?

Goldwater Bank, N.A. - Mortgage Division, a federally chartered bank, is licensed as a national lender.

What is our experience?

At Goldwater Bank, N.A., our experience speaks for itself. Our senior management shares a wealth of experience in the lending industry. Goldwater's support staff and our NMLS registered Loan Originators all have an abundance of knowledge and experience. Apply with the peace of mind that your loan is in good hands.

How much business do we handle?

As one of the nation’s most dependable mortgage bankers, we currently average over $1 billion gross sales per year.

What types of financing do we offer?

Our extensive selection includes the most competitive 750 mortgage products, both Correspondent and Broker. We provide private, $100 million bank-backed funding on all loans, and guarantee funds at the closing table.

How much of the financing process can be completed in-house?

Our comprehensive in-house services includes: origination, processing, delegated underwriting with mortgage insurance, closing and post closing.

What’s the difference between a mortgage broker and a mortgage banker?

We are mortgage bankers who lend our own capital as opposed to mortgage brokers who act as middlemen between consumers and lenders.

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